Clay Bar


Clay barring a car refers to using a bar of synthetic poly clay to remove embedded contaminants such as tar and brake dust from the clear coat of a vehicle that a normal car wash could not. This step is very important before waxing a car, as it opens up the pores of the paint and allows the wax to soak deeper into the clear coat and provide improved protection and shine. You can feel the difference!

High-Speed Wax


Our high-speed waxing process involves a high-quality carnauba wax and an orbital buffer. The buffer spins at a fast rate and allows quick but safe application of the wax. With light pressure applied, the wax is worked into all of the open pores of the clear coat and provides shine and protection for months. We recommend waxing your vehicle at least twice a year.

Headlight Restoration


Unlike kits that can be purchased online or in stores, our headlight restoration procedure is 100% permanent and will not result in your headlights yellowing over again. Our process involves carefully wet sanding the headlights with several different levels of grit, decontaminating them, and then gently applying multiple layers of clear coat paint. Again, these amazing results are absolutely permanent. 

*Please Note*

A $30 surcharge will apply to the interior services on minivans, vehicles with three rows of seats or more, and crew/quad cab pickup trucks.

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